Axis Guitars

Church of the Six Strings

Instruments Serviced

Instruments serviced include, but are not limited to:

  • electric and acoustic guitars and basses
  • banjos
  • ukuleles
  • mandolins
  • violins
  • ethnic instruments


We offer full service instrument repair including, but not limited to:

  • setup (*the most comprehensive and meticulous setups you will find anywhere)
  • precision fret level & dress
  • refret
  • fretless conversion
  • nuts, saddles, zero frets
  • neck & body reshaping / reprofiling
  • electronics (pickups, all wiring, shielding, etc)
  • crack and damage repair
  • neck reset
  • bridge repair and replacement
  • modification
  • restoration
  • instrument assembly
  • custom builds

Custom projects are always welcome.  Whether it be modification, assembly, or a unique build, allow us to make your dream instrument a reality.

We also offer custom pedalboard design and wiring.

Please visit our Facebook page for detailed write-ups, photos, and weekly bench reports!


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