Axis Guitars

Church of the Six Strings

Dropping By The Shop

You are welcome to drop by the shop anytime during business hours.  You do not need to call ahead to check and see if it's okay, or set a time to come by.  Simply call us when you're downstairs & we'll come down & let you in.  Generally speaking, a visual inspection of your instrument & a detailed conversation should take around 15 minutes.

The Facebook page is where you can find all real-time updates.  This is where you will find all notifications for holidays, vacations, or the rarity in which we need to be out of the shop for an emergency.  Please check the Facebook page rather calling the shop if you want to make sure we're in, or to check the hours (which are located for your convenience on the contact page of the website, and on the Facebook & Yelp pages).  If you don't see a notification, we're in & working!  This will greatly assist us in keeping busy on the bench working on your repairs.

No Cell Phone Use

Out of courtesy, we ask that you handle phone calls before entering / after leaving the shop.  If you absolutely need to answer a call, please do so outside of the shop.  Please understand we cannot wait idle while someone is on a call, so we will return to the bench to resume working. 

Storage Fees & Forfeit

Axis Guitars is a small & busy shop!  We ask that you please pick up completed repairs in a timely manner.  You will be called the moment your instrument is completed and ready for pick up.  Instruments left for 30 days after completion will incur an $80 storage fee, with an additional $20 per week thereafter.  Instruments left for 60 days will be considered abandoned & will be sold to recover repair costs.  If you have circumstances that will prevent you picking your instrument(s) up, please work out these details with Axis Guitars at the time you are dropping them off.

Repair Cancellation

If a repair is cancelled or declined, please pick it up within 48 hours.  We do not have room to store instruments if a repair has been cancelled.  If the instrument is not picked up, the above storage fees apply after the 48 hour period (unless specific conditions are worked out with Axis Guitars).

No Case

Instruments left without a case are done so at the owner’s risk.  Axis Guitars will not be held responsible for damages or missing parts (such as straps) incurred due to not having a protective case.

Expedited / Priority Service & Guaranteed Delivery

When able, we are happy to offer expedited service for an additional fee.  The nature of the job, and turnaround time needed, will determine the additional fee.

It is not uncommon for someone to need their instrument by a deadline for recording, a gig, tour, etc...  If you haven't planned adequately ahead (2-3 weeks ahead is generally recommended) or had something go wrong last minute, and you absolutely need your instrument finished by a certain day/time, we are happy to accommodate (when able) for a guaranteed delivery fee.  The nature of the job & when you need your instrument by will determine the additional fee.


We are happy to offer appointments to minimize the time you need to leave your instrument.  Typical appointment turnarounds are 1-3 days, though if you need a guaranteed delivery time, please see the above section.  Because appointments hinge on knowing the exact extent of the repair & time required, you will need to drop by the shop so that we may visually inspect your instrument, discuss your needs & set up the appointment.  A $100 non-refundable cash deposit is required to hold your appointment time.  Once your appointment is set, it is your responsibility to drop off your instrument on time.  If you need to reschedule your appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you, but often you will need to be re-scheduled at the end of the current back log.


After having several clients inquire about & set up consultations last year, we decided to make this available to anyone that would like to take advantage of the shop's expertise.  If you feel you need far more time than normal to discuss repairs, or you would like to talk about topics not related to your repair, Axis Guitars is now happy to offer consultations.  What does this mean, you ask?  You might have questions about what guitar, pickups, or hardware to buy to achieve a certain tone, or anything guitar related.  You might want advice on which amp or pedal to buy to achieve a certain tone you're searching for.  Since we're a small & busy shop, we're generally unable to "shoot the breeze" on all things guitar related.  We'd love to, but keeping busy on your repairs is our goal!  If you feel this may be of interest to you, feel free to call the shop & we'll be happy to set you up with an appointment.


Setup Adjustments

All adjustments to a setup are free & done while you wait.  Simply drop in anytime & we'll be more than happy to make any adjustments. 

*Occasionally in very rare circumstances, you may need to leave your instrument for a short period (usually no longer than 24 hours).

The only two things that will void this policy are as follows:

1. If you start making adjustments on your own

2. If you change string gauge (which changes parameters of the setup).