Axis Guitars

Church of the Six Strings

No Cell Phone Use

Out of courtesy, we ask that you handle phone calls before entering / after leaving the shop.  If you absolutely need to answer a call, please do so outside of the shop.  Please understand we cannot wait idle while someone is on a call, so we will return to the bench to resume working. 

Storage Fees & Forfeit

Axis Guitars is a small & busy shop!  We ask that you please pick up completed repairs in a timely manner.  You will be called the moment your instrument is completed and ready for pick up.  Instruments left for 30 days after completion will incur an $80 storage fee, with an additional $20 per week thereafter.  Instruments left for 60 days will be considered abandoned & will be sold to recover repair costs.  If you have circumstances that will prevent you picking your instrument(s) up, please work out these details with Axis Guitars at the time you are dropping them off.

Repair Cancellation

If a repair is cancelled or declined, please pick it up within 48 hours.  If the instrument is not picked up, the above storage fees apply after the 48 hour period (unless specific conditions are worked out with the Axis Guitars).

No Case

Instruments left without a case are done so at the owner’s risk.  Axis Guitars will not be held responsible for damages or missing parts (such as straps) incurred due to not having a protective case.

Expedited / Priority Service

When able, we offer expedited service for an additional fee.  The nature of the job, and turnaround time needed, will determine the additional fee.